AACS Students are SOARing! Ca-Caaw! Ca-Caaw! CA-CAAW!!


EARLY DISMISSAL – Wednesday, September 2nd at 12:00. All students are dismissed at noon, there will not be lunch served on early dismissal days.  Kids Adventures is located in the cafeteria if you need after-school care.  


Join us! Committees at school


The Aurora Academy School Board functions by the use of committees and focus on a wide range of topics.  We are always looking for parent involvement!

Community Action Committee — Amanda Jakl, cac@aacademy.org                                                                                                            Focuses on the school community and programs for students and families


Growth Feasibility Committee  — Mark Brazee, mbrazee@aacademy.org                                                                                                      Focuses on facility and equipment needs of the school – current and future


Resource Development Committee  — Christina Montez-DaSilva, cmontezdasilva@aacademy.org                                            Focuses on relations within our school community and the community at large; responsible for searching out grants or additional funds to support the school


School Accountability Committee  — Mrs. Leger, pleger@aacademy.org                                                                                          Focuses on academics at the school, discuss and review curriculum changes and ensure Aurora Academy is in alignment with the charter agreement with APS


Do these sound interesting?  Email the contact person and get involved!

2015 BOD

2015 School Board

                                          Back row – Bernadette Fleming, Anne-Marie Pitcock, Mark Brazee, Courtnay Hazim, Amanda Jakl                                     Front row – Reyna Herrera, Christina Montez-DaSilva, Julie Moore, Joanna Kingsbury

Aurora Academy Learns about Core Virtues 

In August and September, we will focus on Responsibility.


Core Virtues

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